Changing the World Through Sustainable Markets

Peter C. Fusaro,
Chairman & Founder, Global Change Associates, New York
212-316-0223, , @fusarotweets

Since Earth Day 1970, Peter has a long history of commitment to innovative clean energy technology that foster economic growth. He has become a sought after chief business strategist for clean energy, natural gas and water technology initiatives and has been involved in the launch and expansion of some of the world’s most successful and game changing technologies of our time. He is the best selling author of What Went Wrong at Enron, and is an industry thought leader noted for his keen insights on emerging energy and environmental technology and markets. He has catalyzed the revolution in clean energy and water futures, and is focused on impact investing and sustainability.

Peter is founder of the 18th Annual Wall Street Green Summit, the oldest environmental finance event in North America, ( held in New York on March 25, 2019.

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Peter is frequent keynote speaker on energy and environment throughout the world. For more information on his paid speaking services, please contact Carmen Cook, VP, Marketing at 212-222-3775, .